How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Social Media

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Social Media

I’ve always hated social media and my reasons are the obvious ones: it’s a permission slip to be loud, stupid, and mean; it disconnects more than it connects; it’s freedom without accountability, which is not freedom at all; it’s porn-easy, poopatorium-deep, sugar in your gums; it’s where Oprah makes 12 million on a tweet, where a Chinese earthquake trends less than a Kardashian Butt; it’s being trapped in a circus car with a billion clowns: everyone drinks, everyone stinks, clowns are not happy people and you can never get out.

You can only unsubscribe.

I never wanted to risk adding to the noise. I never wanted to risk.

But it’s how we’re doing who we are right now on The Big Blue Marble – for better and worse. You’re either on the marble exactly as it is or you’re not. 

I want to be More On. Even if it means looking like a moron.

That said…

Like a lot writers I have inventory – work that I love and believe in that’s been relegated to storage units or hidden away in secret closets, work that – for whatever reason – the world has never seen or received. 

Lots and lots of inventory.

It’s time to clear out the storage units and open up those closets. It’s time to put on the Big Red Nose – it’s been there all along anyway – and join the circus.

So with the help of my friend Shaz, Goddess of Websites and All-Things-Irish, each week I will be sharing something – a screenplay, a story, a poem. Read or don’t read. Love or hate. Unsubscribe, if you must. 

Everything is available. Everything is copyrighted.

And comes from the Big Red Nose of my heart.

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