Prostate is huge, testosterone nil
Can’t please the girls without taking a pill
But I’ll fight for my empire with all that I am
I’m an Imperial Man

Gonna money that bunny till it’s honey all night
Go home to the wifey and cuddle contrite
Too much ain’t enough for the king that I am
I’m an Imperial Man

The way Sinatra was cool
The way a Gulfstream is fast
The way Daddys are cruel
And nice guys finish last

I’m a sucker for retribution
In a see-through blouse
You can have the Constitution
I got the White House

Belly is soft, hairline is thin
Crazy what it costs a body to win
And if my soul has to shrink
To make good on the plan
If my heart has to die
For the empire to stand
Don’t you know it by now
I will do anything I can
I don’t give a goddamn

I’m an Imperial Man

Bruce Gelfand, 2020

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