The Next Draft: An Advanced Class:
Resuming January 2022

Whether your next draft is your first, your final, or somewhere in between, this class is for those who want who want to roll up their sleeves and take a deeper dive into their projects.

The class will be small and two hours long, will give each participant the time to present their work, get feedback from the group, and receive detailed coaching/teaching/editing from me specific to their project.

2 Hour Class

  • Focused, Deep Level of Work
  • Safe and Supportive Environment
  • Small Group with Individualized Coaching and Feedback


10 Thursday Evenings


10 Friday Mornings

“No matter where you are in your journey as a writer, Bruce Gelfand will skillfully and soulfully guide you to unleash your voice and unfurl the force of writing nature inside you. Expect miracles. A journey of profound worth awaits you. With a Master. Your voice. Your words. Your ideas captured in story to share. Let Bruce empower you like he has empowered me – and countless others – to claim our voices. Bruce Gelfand, master writing coach, secret weapon for writers, voice extractor.”

Jaimsyne Blakely

Writer / Entrepreneur