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We have private coaching clients in every walk of life all over the world: from

CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to teenagers in prison, from senior citizens to

Academy Award-winning film directors, from Emmy and Tony Award-winning

writers to writers who are just beginning.





“Occasionally our Creator takes great care to add a magical ingredient with very special healing powers and a great sense of humor to humanities’ medicine bag.  Bruce Gelfand is one of those magic ingredients. Bruce’s caring presence as a coach and guide, his huge heart and capacity for empathy and a passionate love for his work and the people he touches have blessed me personally and so many others over the years.”

Gerry Walanka

Founder,  In Search of Genius Foundation

Chicago, Illinois


“I came to Bruce banging my head against the wall–desperate to finish a project but unable to look at it without slamming my computer shut. Bruce saw what I couldn’t see, and with a magical combination of patience, insight, and honesty, he un-stuck me. As a result of our work, I’m beginning to discover the writer I’ve always wanted to be inside myself.”

Molly Strauss, class of 2011, Harvard College

Former Editorial Chair of the Harvard Crimson


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