Writing Classes

Glendale, CA - Santa Monica, CA

Bring your old projects that need finishing, your new projects that need starting, or just come with nothing and prepare for something extraordinary to be created.




Space is limited.  Please ‎let us know asap if you’ll be joining us.

 “I am consistently blown away by the work that is produced in Bruce’s workshop!   The use of unique prompts leading into 15 minutes of “in the moment” writing seems to allow us all to tap into our true voices and to be completely present in our work.  I walk away from each workshop feeling inspired by the work of those around me, as well as by my own.  It’s really all about finding your voice, and I love that.”

Gwyn Fawcett, Actress / Producer

One Fine Day

Writer's Workshop

The workshop offers a full day where all your writerly needs can be met. Bring old projects that need finishing, new projects that need starting, or just come with nothing and prepare for something extraordinary to be created.

Think of it as a "spa-day" for your creative voice. Using both carefully designed group exercises and extensive private coaching, you'll be astonished at how much work you'll get done. And at how much fun you'll have doing it. Great food. Great people. Great writing and coaching time.

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The cost is $200.00 for the day.

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  • " I am a writer only because Bruce Gelfand crossed my path fourteen years ago. In his classes and workshops over the years, I've witnessed many writers born before my very eyes. I’ve watched him take individuals from novice to novel writers. Bruce grows-up writers to their unique voice on the page with gentle mastery, it's so smooth you hardly know it's happening until all of a sudden you're blown away by what's being read in class.

    He is talented beyond his years and a true teacher that leans into ones strengths; however small and hiding they maybe, and invites them to step into the full light and glory they crave and deserve.

    He is the writing teacher you wish for, and I was lucky enough to find early. Plus it’s okay if you disagree with him sometimes. And that is gold in my book because it lets you discover who you uniquely are as an artist."

    Edith M. Cortese, Author of "A Thousand Years of Johnny Von"
  • "I came to one of Bruce's classes having only written technical jargon during my adult life and feeling that writing was best left to others.

    Bruce created this wonderfully safe space so that words could begin to flow from a place within myself I didn't even know existed. I left each class energized and wanting to write something and realized that I could also be creative.

    Thanks, Bruce, for this beautiful gift!"

    Patricia, Psychologist
  • "You may be an accomplished author, you might just be starting to express yourself in words, perhaps, you have an unfinished manuscript or have had an unrealized dream to write.
    No matter where you are in your journey as a writer, Bruce Gelfand will skillfully and soulfully guide you to unleash your voice and unfurl the force of writing nature inside you.
    Expect miracles. A journey of profound worth awaits you. With a Master. Your voice. Your words. Your ideas captured in story to share.

    The world needs you, your authentic voice and your stories. Bruce knows this.

    This is yet another precious trait that sets him apart from all other coaches.

    Let Bruce empower you like he has empowered me - and countless others - to claim our voices. Bruce Gelfand, master writing coach, secret weapon for writers, voice extractor."

    Jaimsyne Blakely, Writer / Entrepreneur



There is a synergy of support strong enough to hold a group of super-smart, hyper-sensitive people – writers – who are airlifting themselves up and over the sun or rain or rainbow of their day to that ever ever land where they give voice to whatever their hearts and minds and imaginations desire…

If you have to be alone, be alone.


But I invite you to consider the possibility of not. I invite you to a room furnished well, thermostat set to just the right temperature. Here the windows and doors to the imagination are unlocked and left ajar so that anything and everything might slip, stride, or blow its way in.