Bruce Gelfand


"If I could create a language of the heart, the gut, the bowels, the brain -
a language of the spirit, a breeze that others might breathe, be cooled or warmed by - that would be nice.
Would be nice."

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The House at Otowi Bridge

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Bruce Gelfand

Writer Teacher Coach

My Intention


To hold up a mirror that is a daily and eternal reminder of how amazing you are. To help connect you to that warm ocean of language and vast library of knowledge that lives inside you. To tune you so precisely, deliciously and deliriously to the music of words that they, WORDS – tiny stars that they are – become Light-Sabers that open your senses, oxygenate your cells, and illuminate your deepest darknesses with connection and direction and peace.


To do anything and everything I can to help you fulfill on your Intention.





“ Hope shows up.
Faith stays. ”

A Writers’ Hour

Online Writing Workshops In the Time of COVID-19: July 7th-August 29th

The Coronavirus--something we cannot discern with our five senses, something at once smaller and bigger than ourselves—has invaded the body politic. Literally. Fear and isolation can also be a virus bigger and smaller than ourselves, but we know it when we feel it. Hope and faith are like that, too. So is love. This is a precious time. We can commune. We can share stories. We can invent new prayers for our ever-changing world. If you’ve been in my classes or workshops, you know the drill: I provide a reading. You receive a prompt. You write for those magical 15 minutes. We read. We listen. If you’re a beginner, begin a practice. If you’re accomplished, remember the moment you face that blank page you’re still a beginner—and practice your practice. Come join the circle. I promise you an inspired and inspiring hour.

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“Bruce has an uncanny ability to place himself completely into anyone’s shoes

and see from their perspective. He sees where they want to go with the stories

they are telling…. nothing short of a miracle worker…. a total inspiration.

If it were not for Gelfand, I would not have my Oscar or Emmy awards.”


Jeffrey Brown, Writer / Director


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“Bruce is a strong, loving, nurturing teacher who has helped me to tackle my writing demons,

expand my craft and take risks.  I love the specificity of his notes and feedback,

along with the gentle thoughtful encouragement.

His intuition is scary good –

I trust the leaps that he’s encouraged me to make and I’ve learned a great deal.

He’s always been available to me for my special questions outside of class and

I am genuinely inspired by the writing prompts that he provides.

Awesome teacher, awesome man.”


Laverne McKinnon
Producer, former VP at CBS Television



  • "Working with Bruce was like pulling back curtains on a window I always knew I had, some beautiful opening deep inside.
    It let air and light in, and then I saw clearly what I could do. However I do it and wherever it takes me, Bruce has helped me realized that it's something I must do.

    Whether you're starting or in the middle or a pro, his teachings offer such value and support that you can't help but grow as a writer and as a person."

    Katya Lidsky, Actress / Writer
  • "Bruce is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He taught me new ways to think about my writing, specifically how to not only think about what my characters were saying on the page but also what they were saying through their actions, both consciously and unconsciously.
    He saw who I was and my potential as a writer and helped me in ways that no one had helped me before.
    On top of all this, he's a very dear friend who I think the world of."

    Alexander Freeman, Former Student at Emerson College
    & Award-Winning Filmmaker
  • "In Bruce's class you will write about that thing you don't want to write about.
    Because that thing scares you too much.

    Take his workshop and write about that thing! "

    June Diane Raphael, Writer / Actress
  • "If living your true life has something to do with writing words, then Bruce will be your inspiration, your conscience and your priceless first mate."

    Lara Plutte, Poet
  • " I am a writer only because Bruce Gelfand crossed my path fourteen years ago. In his classes and workshops over the years, I've witnessed many writers born before my very eyes. I’ve watched him take individuals from novice to novel writers. Bruce grows-up writers to their unique voice on the page with gentle mastery, it's so smooth you hardly know it's happening until all of a sudden you're blown away by what's being read in class.
    He is talented beyond his years and a true teacher that leans into ones strengths; however small and hiding they maybe, and invites them to step into the full light and glory they crave and deserve.

    He is the writing teacher you wish for, and I was lucky enough to find early. Plus it’s okay if you disagree with him sometimes. And that is gold in my book because it lets you discover who you uniquely are as an artist."

    Edith M. Cortese, Author of "A Thousand Years of Johnny Von"

“Mystery loves company.”

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